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Rent Payments


Void periods are a big concern for landlords because of the amount of rental income that is lost during tenants moving in and out. When you sign up with Guaranteed Rent London - you never need to worry about this as our scheme guarantees that you will receive your rent every month whether you have tenants or not.

Guaranteed Rent London has over £300 million worth of properties under management over the past 10 years, so you don't have to worry about your asset.

We have an excellent reputation in ensuring all our clients get the perfect service every time. Speak to us today to have your property rented within 24 hours!

rent your property within 24 hours

contact us to get a valuation on your property and have it rented within 24 hours NOW!


One of our agents will contact you now!

Why work with us?


Rent Payments are paid automatically at the end of each month

Zero voids, so you get your rental payments even when your property is empty

0% Commission and 0% Management Charges

Reliable 24 / 7 Maintenance services for Tenants

Flexible Guaranteed Rent Contracts from 1 to 5 years

Periodic Inspections of your property

Flexibility as it should be with 0% Commissions!

Take the hassle away


Arrange a Valuation Appointment

Negotiate Guaranteed Rent Terms

Start Receiving Your Guaranteed Rent!

Fill in our form for one of our agents to contact you immediately.

We visit your property and give you a Guaranteed Rent Offer Instantly.

Start receiving your Guaranteed Rent Income as quickly as 24 hours!

Thomas Schneider

Having lived in London for almost 7 years, I knew it would be easy to rent my apartment quickly. Managing the process and ensuring the rent is paid on time is another story! I have given 3 apartments to and have never looked back. Rent paid on time, every time!

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Maria Siong 

Having bought an investment apartment in London and living in Singapore - it was daunting to have to worry about managing my investment from half way across the world. handled the whole process of collecting my keys from the seller, furnishing the apartment and renting my investment almost immediately!

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